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Installing floor and wall tiles is a great way to beautify any home or business. Not only do ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles look stunning when laid properly, but they’re also extremely durable and long-lasting. To ensure your space looks amazing, here are some key tips on how to fit floor and wall tiles correctly:

Before you begin fitting the tiles, it’s important to plan out the design in advance, noting where each tile should go as well as what pattern you wish to create. Once you have an idea of what you want your finished project to look like, purchase enough material for the job—doing so will ensure that none of your pieces are inconsistent in size or color.

Next, prepare the surface the tiles will be adhered to by cleaning it thoroughly and making sure it is dry. If necessary, sand down any rough spots and make sure everything is level by using a spirit level; this eliminates any potential lumps or bumps that could cause your tiling job to appear uneven once complete.

When laying the floor/wall tiles, start from one corner of the room/space and work towards the opposite side. While you can use a notched spreader to apply adhesive onto the back of each tile (this helps create an even amount of coverage), most people prefer working with pre-mixed adhesives since they’re easier to control than alternatives. Plus, many come with their own specialized spatulas for easy application. Be careful not to use too much adhesive though as excess material may harden prematurely before you get a chance to lay down all of your pieces!

Once all of your tiles have been laid down according to plan, take time off while they cure. You can then grout them into place using either sanded or unsanded grout (depending on tile type) while keeping an eye on any gaps between pieces; these must be filled in order for everything to look uniform once dried. After curing time has passed (most grout requires 24 hours), use a wet cloth or sponge mop over each tile several times (being careful not to scrub too hard) until all residue has been removed from its surface. From there, enjoy your new tiled space!

With these tips in mind installing floor and wall tiles should be easier than ever before! All one needs is patience and attention during installation as well as quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers—this ensures that their finished product looks great now and lasts even longer into the future!

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